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The Live Sessions on working with Audiogold!

Raph Hurwitz

Thanks to The Live Sessions for this guest blog post all about our recent live shoot. Enjoy! 

Audiogold were one of the first bands that we worked with back in 2012 and since then we The Live Sessions and Audiogold have developed massively. So when Audiogold asked us to film two live videos of them at The Old Queen’s Head we jumped at the chance to capture what they’re about live.

The Old Queen’s Head is a lovely venue with a rustic feel to it, there’s no dramatic lighting and we were excited to film there for the first time.


When we shoot at a live gig one of the first things we need to know is that we’ll be able to take our audio feed for our 16 track recorders. This is very rarely a problem because we use splitters that plug in before the stage box so that the venue sound engineer gets their signal nice and clean as if we were never there and we get our signal straight from the mics, each on their own channel. For a full kit list read to the end of this post.


We decided to use three camera operators (Dan Baxter, Dan Coffey and Jody Coffey) and one GoPro (mounted above the band) to capture enough footage to edit into the two videos. As Audiogold had chosen to release Into the Light and You and I, we were conscious that we would need half of the footage to fit into a fast paced video and the other half of the footage to fit into a slower paced video, not an easy task!



Throughout their set we took our usual approach of collecting as wide a range of footage as possible from many different angles, including a handful of shots filmed at double speed to be used as slow-motion. It is in these shots that we try and capture the mood of the venue, crowd and any other particulars.


As the band reached their last two songs we readied our three camera operators in position to cover the core elements of each performance: vocals, stage left, stage right and any specific things as they arose. This is often the easiest part of the gig, capturing the song as it happens, paying attention to the pace of the song, seeing where the action is and what the other two camera operators are doing.



Like most bands, Audiogold pride themselves on their music and their sound and so do their best to put out a consistent tone at their gigs that represents their recordings. With this in mind and prior to arranging the shoot, Audiogold had requested to sit in on the mixing of their live audio. This was the first time that we had accepted such a request and it proved to be both interesting and informative. At The Live Sessions our approach is to capture visuals and sound as they happen but to do our best to make them look and sound as amazing as possible. With Audiogold sitting in on the mixing stage we were able to do our usual high quality mix but in a style that reflected their studio recordings. We did this with a few specific things like reverb sizes and drum sound but also with some smaller details like pannings (some bands always put their shaker on a certain side of the mix, we generally pan things as they appear in the video).


However well we mixed the audio, it all comes down to a great performance and Audiogold played tight and really in the moment with the gig and songs. This not only gave us a great recording of each song but also some really good footage to play with.

In editing the footage we always start with the angles captured during the song (in this case four camera angles) then build up from there. This is where all the extra footage we shot throughout the rest of the set really comes into play. The edit for Into the Light obviously needed to be more energetic than You and I and so used up a lot of our footage. There were still specific shots that would really only work in You and I and so the finished videos ended up looking quite different from each other. We added to this by colouring them differently, going with a strong saturated look for Into the Light and a more relaxed muted tone on You and I.


What goes around comes around

As soon as Audiogold asked us to film these two tracks we knew that we wanted one of them to be exclusively on The Live Sessions, sitting along side the original video from two years ago as well as all the artists we have worked with since including Newton Faulkner, Lawson, Scholars and many more.

It’s exciting to see artists that we’ve worked with progress, develop and grow and we hope that you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed filming, recording, mixing and editing them.
Lets share a beer at the next Audiogold gig, head over to their Live page for up and coming gig dates.

Dan Coffey, The Live Sessions, April 2014

And for a bit of nostalgia; here’s the first session we filmed with Audiogold back in 2012 in a lovely old house.

For all the nerds: Kit Used


  • Zoom r16 8 track recorders

  • Sennheiser e 602 kick mic

  • Sennheiser e 604 tom mics

  • Shure SM57 mics on snare and guitar amps

  • Rode NT5 mics on drum overheads

  • SM57 on vocals

  • Cubase SX5

  • UAD-1 reverbs and compressors

  • KRK Rokit 6 monitors


  • Canon C100

  • Canon 5DmkIII

  • Canon 5DmkII

  • GoPro Hero3

  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

  • Canon 85mm f/1.8


You and I

Raph Hurwitz

So we have another exciting new live video for you guys........

This time we recorded You And I, one of our older tracks which never seems to get old with all our friends and fans. 
Even though it was taken from the same gig as our last live video Into The Light, it has a very different feel to it. 

We really love all the crowd shots too, many familiar faces there! 
So here it is, Audiogold performing You And I live at The Old Queens head, enjoy!

We're so happy to have it hosted by The Live Sessions, alongside many amazing artists. If you havn't already subscribed to their youtube channel, then we suggest you head over there and check it out.

You'll find exclusive performances and interviews by the likes of Lawson, Newton Faulkner, Jon Gomm, Van Susans, Foy Vance, Polly Money, and many more. All 100% live.

And we're excited to announce that The Live Sessions will be doing a guest blog post for us next week!
Stay tuned to find out the ins and outs of our shoot and how these guys work their magic.

In the meantime, incase you've been in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean and have missed out on our last video release Into The Light, here it is again.

Thanks to everyone who's been watching, liking and sharing. Keep spreading the word and keep music live! 

Love Audiogold x


Petulant Penguin Presents.....

Raph Hurwitz

Firstly we just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the views, likes and shares our live video has had in the week its been online!

If you havn't yet seen it, then crank up your speakers and hit play! 
Our next gig is with Petulant Penguin at Hysteria in Dalston this Thursday Feb 27th. Its going to be a great night, with support from Southend rockers Metasic. Please see our live section for more details, we look forward to seeing you there! 

Audiogold x


New Live Video......Into The Light!

Raph Hurwitz

Its finally here! We've been buzzing about this for months, a live video of us playing our hottest track, headlining one of our favourite London venues.....made by our awesome and very talented friends The Live Sessions.

Into the Light_01.Still007.jpg


We have a lot of great videos already which we're really proud of, but nothing like this.

Into the Light_01.Still004 (1).jpg


We wanted to show new promoters, potential management, booking agents and new fans what we're really about. And those of you who have been to our gigs will know that Audiogold are all about the live experience. This live video encapsulates what we do.

Into the Light_01.Still005.jpg

As we have always been very specific with what we want our sound to be and where we want everything to sit in the mix, we got involved in mixing the audio.

This was really important to us, because we use our arrangements and instruments to build our tracks in different ways compared to a typical five piece rock band. 

Into the Light_01.Still010.jpg

We didn't do any production on the tracks at all because it would defeat the object of a live video, and we couldn't be happier with the result, it totally represents our huge epic live sound!

Into the Light_01.Still008 (1).jpg

 We've worked contiuously on polishing our live sound to make it as good and as tight as it can be, and feel like we're at a stage where we can capture it in one epic video to show the world who we are.

Into the Light_01.Still015.jpg

We can't wait to share it with you, it'll be up on our youtube on monday! 

Thanks as always for your ongoing support,

Love Audiogold x

Into 2014….

Raph Hurwitz

Audiogold 2014.jpg

We have some great things lined up, starting with a gig at awesome west-end venue The Social, whose motto has always been "to provide great music and booze to anyone who fancied tripping through the doors." We’re down with that!
We’ve had a break from gigging over Christmas and have really missed it. We’re chomping at the bit and can’t wait to get back on stage, playing main support to CL Gris. Its going to be a memorable night hosting some of London’s best music, and if your’e very good then we might just treat you to a brand new track ;)
Check out our live page for more details.

So very shortly after that we will once again be working with the amazing Live Sessions to bring you two live videos of The Raw Singles.

We love the live sessions, they are close friends of ours and two years ago when they started out, Analogue was one of the first sessions they ever filmed. Not seen it? Click here.
They have since filled out their channel with videos from the likes of Newton Faulkner, Foy Vance, Lawson, Melic, Polly Money, Lottie Mullan and the Van Susans. Our next video with them is going to capture the raw sweat and energy of a buzzing Audiogold headline gig. Excited? So are we! Want to be in it? Get yourself to the Old Queens Head on Sunday 2nd of February!

Did I mention a new track? Yes I did. We have a killer new track to unleash, and are actually one track away from finishing our next EP. If you haven’t yet got your free download of our last EP Perception of colour, then head over to band camp now.

If you have been waiting for us to hurry up and record another EP then thanks for your patience, we’ll be back in the studio (our favourite place) very soon!

We wish you all a very happy new year and thanks again for your ongoing support.

Love from all of us at Audiogold x